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Chef Davante Burnley + Justice Akuezue
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October 17 - 2:45 PM - Spotlight Theater


Chef Davante Burnley, former Head Chef of Savannah Blue grew up in Bloomfield Hills and attended Oakland Technical Schools. There, he participated in culinary training through the ProStart Program. He then went on to study at The Art Institute of Michigan. Most of Chef Davante’s culinary background came from hotels and country clubs in Oakland County. It wasn't until he Justice Akuezue did a food and cocktail paired pop-up together, that he was introduced to the different and more fast-paced the Detroit restaurant scene. It was at that moment The Exchange was born.

Justice Akuezue grew up in the Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor area, where his love for football landed him a scholarship at Wayne state University in the heart of Detroit. While playing football, he picked up work in bars and restaurants as a bar back and fell in love with the industry. Being behind the bar at Grey Ghost allowed him to become a student in the art of craft cocktails. Inviting Chef Davante Burnley to do a pop-up of cocktail and food pairings was the start of what is now known as The Exchange.


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