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Ken Wasco

Ken Wasco 2014 2

October 16 - 4:00 PM - Education Stage


Ken Wasco is an operator success advocate within the Customer Experience area at Gordon Food Service and has been involved in creating new thinking within the service industries for over 35 years. His experience as a healthcare departmental manager, administrator, corporate marketing executive, researcher and now “Catalyst” have helped him to develop a simple yet powerful philosophy. “Always Through Others… First!” And, within the service industries he has earned the unofficial title of “industry doer”. Ken travels the breath of the USA and Canada annually presenting 250+ times on unique ways to achieve success through a greater understanding of people and the dynamics of consumerism. He has keynoted virtually every state, province and national service industry conference – He’s conducted well over 6000 seminars and workshops on enhanced effectiveness through people. Ken has learned to channel the power of audience focus into dynamic keynotes. In addition to being a graduate of The School of Hospitality Business at Michigan State University, Ken Wasco holds (3) Master’s Degrees in Organizational Systems, Management, Communication and completed doctoral studies in the Psychology of Communication.

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