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Emily Bennett:  Mitten Beer Girl


October 16 - 11:30 AM - Education Stage

12,000 miles between breweries was a lot of windshield time for Emily Bennett, aka Mitten Beer Girl, to contemplate the Michigan beer industry. Her customer insight, after visiting 323 Michigan breweries in 2017, is from a unique perspective, applicable to any business pulling a tap handle or serving a meal.

Emily Bennett is a writer, a long time healthcare professional, veteran of the US Army and a Michigander by birth. In 2017, fueled by her passion for craft beer and a desire to experience Michigan, she embarked on the Mitten Beer Quest, successfully visiting every brewery in Michigan in one calendar year. Her unique perspectives on life, beer and food industry are influenced by years of travel and a strong desire to learn about everything. The Mitten Beer Quest was recently featured as part of Our Michigan Life on WZZM 13 and received national attention through various media outlets. From those and more recent experiences, she continues to expanded her writing portfolio including her website mittenbeergirl.com, MiBrew Magazine and other industry publications.

In addition to her writing and traveling she maintains her professional position as a full time nurse practitioner. Other roles include Segment Host and Producer for Pure Brews America, Chaos Manager for This Craft Nation and Social Media Utilization Technician for Skydive Allegan. She is a Cicerone® Certified Beer Server, a licensed skydiver, a member of the United States Parachute Association, and holds certifications in adult acute care, flight nursing and emergency Nursing.

Emily maintains no less than 5 mug club memberships at various breweries around the state while continuing to visit each new Michigan brewery as doors open. Mitten Beer Girl is a proud corporate sponsor of Fermenta Michigan Women’s Craft Collective. She resides in Hastings with her home brewer husband Ben, cat Bougie and many jars of brewing yeast.

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